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  • To provide the equitable medical treatment for all Asian citizens irrespective of regional barriers.


  • To constitute face-to-face medical consultancy and treatment systems for patients, using state of art telemedicine technology and to keep Asian healthy.


  • Assist to practice telemedicine with ethics, as a physician.
  • Assist to introduce advanced telemedicine in Asia.
  • Assist the administration to understand and establish telemedicine as “Backbone of Future Medical Infrastructure”.
  • Advocacy for telemedicine practitioner-patient relationship improvement.
  • Advocacy for improvement of working environment in telemedicine centers.
  • Support innovative telemedicine technology researches.
  • Support entrepreneurs, vendors and industries in promotion of telemedicine in Asia.

Greeting from the Representative Director

I am Takayuki Kori, the representative director of the Asian Telemedicine Laboratory.

This laboratory aims to promote and spread telemedicine in Asia.As a specialist in telemedicine, I would like to develop remote medical services in Asia, not limited to Japan, and I would like to save patients who can not accept face-to-face treatments.

Telemedicine is centered on three aspects: medical, IT, and social systems. Therefore, to introduce telemedicine newly requires multiple expertise.

With mere development of IT technology, it is difficult to develop telemedicine, I would like to make the most of my experience and strive to develop telemedicine from a broad perspective.

There are some countries  where there is shortage of doctors in their villages and there is poor transportation system.In these countries, the remote medical treatment could be the best option of choice.I believe that it is our responsibility to provide the telemedicine technology.

A self-sustainable operation would be possible by introducing a system based on a prior study and by educating the local staff.But, in order to introduce telemedicine, IT knowledge and funds for introduction are necessary in addition to medical knowledge.Also, in order to operate at multiple facilities, it is necessary to define external operation rules.Since it is necessary to comply with the medical and telecommunications regulations of each country, it is impossible to adapt Japan’s operation method as it is, and customization of the operation method is necessary.

Our team has knowledge, and experience.In addition, Japanese telemedicine technology is cutting edge in the world.So, if you needs introduction of telemedicine, we  can support you.

Members of our team

Takayuki Kori, M.D.,Ph.D.

Representative Director,DOL

Director,Devision of surgery,Tone central hospital .
Director, Japanese Telemedicine and Telecare Association.
Vice-president, Japan Telemedicine Society.
Councilor, The Japanese Association for Chest Surgery.
Councilor, Advising Doctor,Specialist,  Japanese Society for Parenteral & Enteral Nutriton.
Advising Doctor, Specialist, Japan Surgery Society.
Advising Doctor,Specialist, The Japan Society for Respiratory endoscopy.
Specialist, The Japanese Board of general Thoracic Surgery.



K. M. Anwarul Haque, M.D., Ph.D.

Director,Chief fellow
Intensive Care and Critical Infectious Diseases Consultant

Telemedicine project Co-ordinator and Consultant, Asia Telemedicine Lab.

Tokyo Medical University, Japan

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Takahiro Uchida, MD, PhD, MSc

 Senior Fellow

  –    Founder and CEO of JOMDD, Inc. (Tokyo, Japan), the Japanese first
medical device incubator (2012- current)
–    Founder and CEO of Necess Medical, LLC, a Silicon Valley-based
consulting firm for start-up medical device companies (2011-2013)
–    Graduated from Harvard Business School (General Management Program) (2010)
–    Medical Director at Boston Scientific Corporation (2007-2011)
 –    The first Japanese Medical Officer/Reviewer at the Center forDevices and Radiological Health, U.S. FDA (2005-2007)
–    COO at the Center for Clinical Trials of Japanese Medical Association (2003-2005)
–    Fellow at Harvard Clinical Research Institute/Harvard Medical School (2002-2003)
–    M.S. in Epidemiology from Harvard School of Public Health (2002)
–    Board-certified physician in Internal medicine and Cardiology
–  More than 10years’ experience in medical device development,
including regulatory and clinical strategy



Telemedicine in Japan(JTTA)

Guideline for the practice of home telemedicine(JTTA)